RajCOMP Info Services Ltd

Zenith IT and infra Solutions Pvt Ltd have been empanelled with RajCOMP Info Services Ltd for Application Software development on deliverable basis & Man Month basis.

AMC Center and College,Lucknow

Zenith IT and infra Solutions have been empanelled to execute IT projects For AMC Center and College Lucknow as the Service Provider for Hardware(Supply of Computer Systems in stand alone mode),System Integration,Turnkey IT Projects,System Study & Consultancy,Developement of Application Software,Special IT projects,Access Newworks,IT Training and Supply of Computer Peripherals.

UP Electronics Corporation Ltd./UPLC HQ

Zenith IT and Infra Solutions have been empanelled with UPLC for Software Developers,IT Enabled Service Providers.

Tally Solutions

Zenith IT and Infra Solutions is associated Partner of Tally. Zenith provides services including integration, customisation,education,maintenance contracts,data migration.